Psychologist day!

So today is a psychologist visit. I’m brainstorming; trying to figure out some points I’d like to bring up or that I feel are important or relevant. I might not be able to get to the entire list, conversations with her have a life of their own. But the goal is to get to as many as possible.
• Started the Blog!
• Wanting to come out to friends. Is it a good idea? My frustrations with trying to resolve which friends.
• The isolation I feel as of right now with just my GF knowing.
• Concerns about not being able to be social.
• Frustration with not being able to dress much this past month and a half. My thoughts on the failure of THE Sorority being a part of that!!?
• The question she asked me about living as a woman and the percentage of time.
• My recent observations on authenticity, confidence, simply “being,” and feeling pretty.
• The frustration my GF felt recently at my dressing being one of only a few methods of de-stressing.
• My worries about pushing it too far with my GF. Worrying about how much or how little we communicate about it. Worries about helping her understand.

Even if I get to half of those, it would be a very busy session. Wish me luck ladies!

Ever & Always,
A very debriefed Caden Lane


2 thoughts on “Psychologist day!

  1. Caden, I am sure you will do well As for the isolation, I live in rural Northeast Texas and I have never heard of any other transgendered person, ever in my 10 years of living as a woman. I live in a place of pickups, Hi school dropouts, poverty, drinking, drugs, and generally narrow minded rednecks. Being a Dallas native makes it harder because I know that there is a better world out there. I will always be on your side, Best, Lisa.

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    • Thank you Lisa. It’s not like it’s a pivotal day with my psychologist. It’s simply just another day. I just seem to have a lot on my mind today. So feeling compelled to get it off my chest, and maybe recover back to a normal mindset.

      But visits to my psychologist have also been very helpful in other ways. She once told me to no longer look at my dressing as a secret. I should view it as a private matter. Secrets usually have negative connotations attached to them. Whereas private matters are just private, and usually disseminated to those worthy of knowing. Little gems like that help me through the tougher times. So here is to hoping today is a fruitful day!

      Ever & Always,
      A fruit craving Caden Lane

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