So I realized…

While reading one of Kit’s posts, I noted she was pointing out a distinct lack of crossdresser/ significant others within the community. She introduced her wife via a nom de plume, and it made me realize I had failed to even do that. I’ve merely referenced her as, My Girlfriend.”

Someone as awesome as her deserves better than that. She, as far as I know, won’t be posting or blogging, but I feel it inherently respectful to refer to her in some specific way. I’ve previously asked her when I started posting at and she was unsure of what to choose.

I thought about going humorous and saddling her with “Dr. Girlfriend” ala The Venture Brothers, but her voice isn’t raspy. At all. Although she would look pretty awesome in a Dr. Girlfriend costume. Besides, a humorous nickname didn’t feel respectful. But her real name is a no go. Her privacy is paramount.

I know the casual reader can’t help me here; you have no context to go by. But I would like to hear your thoughts on the matter. But I just tend to write about what’s on my mind, to sort of process it all through. Ya’ll will know when I’ve had a breakthrough though.

Ever & Always,
Desperately seeking a name Caden Lane


8 thoughts on “So I realized…

    • Well, shes my Girlfriend, but I prefer to refer to people by name. But i cannot use her name for privacy concerns. And of course, i want to be reapectful and honor her for her Love, understanding and her intentional approach to helping and understanding me.

      Ever & Always,
      A Loved Caden Lane

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  1. For blogging purposes I refer to my wife as Mrs Kirsty or just Mrs K. Doesn’t really work for a girlfriend though. My good friend Ruth refers to her GF/SO as The Sainted Kate (her name’s not really Kate) which I do like.


  2. I always just say “my wife” or “Mrs. South” (me being just Ms. South). Like you, no real/proper names for obvious privacy reasons.
    I enjoy reading perspectives of SO’s and GG’s, and would like to see more blogging.


  3. Does she have a middle name you can use? Or a favourite cutely named animal? (E.g Panda, Kitty etc, probably won’t work if it’s ‘rhinoceros’ or ‘Baboon’), or just an initial?

    Paul doesn’t really have a girl name yet, so I decided to use characters from a TV show we both enjoy 🙂 (30 Rock, Paul crossdresses as his girlfriend, Jenna)

    Jenna xx

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