Ever & Always, Caden Lane

I was recently asked where my tagline of “Ever & Always” comes from. I am a student of history, specifically in this case Civil War Love letters. Usually, historical letters are tedious and boring to me, but one day I happened upon a collection of Civil War Love letters, and was entranced. The prose in some was poetic and beautiful; laced with wording that evoked strong emotion, despite not knowing those who wrote or received those letters.

It became apparent to me that we often greatly underestimate those from that era; we think many of them poorly educated, we surmise they were mostly illiterate. While there may be a great many misspellings, or grammatical errors, there is still an inherent beauty to the words they selected.

So I was reading an entry from a soldier J.C.Morris to his wife beloved wife, Amanda. It was the closing tag line that caught my eye. I instantly loved it, and while the language was too specific for everyday use, I felt I was able to capture its meaning in a much shorter, more modern usage. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did, and I hope you see the beauty that I saw.

Ever & Always,
Caden Lane


4 thoughts on “Ever & Always, Caden Lane

  1. Every word in those old letters had to count! Mail didn’t arrive in an instant via a wire, and you might be killed before it even reached its destination. They labored over those letters, I’m sure.

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    • Those letters are a work of art to me. When compared to a letter or email of today; our prose is unfeeling and cold. They used such descriptive and flowery language, but while it was flowery, every word had a purpose, and showed the emotion and sentiment behind the writers voice.

      Ever & Always,
      Caden Lane

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  2. I agree that it is a wonderful tag line. I like its historical significance. The art form of letter writing is quickly dying. In olden days there was not a lot of paper, ink was a valued commodity and the ability to send a letter from point A to point B was never a sure or simple thing. As such people put a lot of thought into their words and were able to express themselves with eloquence and dignity.
    I like the old quote “If I had more time I could have written you a shorter letter”.


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