I’m a bad blog owner!

I am a bad blog owner. When I first set out on my blogging adventure, I originally had the intention of writing everyday. I seem to have set those sights a bit high. Between being a single parent, a non traditional returning college student, a full time employee , and dating Miss Girlfriend, I do not have as much time as I would like to devote to daily writing. If I’ve been remiss in my duties, I do apologize.

I have resolved to at least try to write every second or third day in order to meet the needs of my readers and this blog. It is my hope I will be able to maintain the scope and quality of my past articles with this sacrifice. I would hate to post an inferior quality article simply for the sake of meeting a self imposed deadline. I believe the substance should trump the number of articles; otherwise what is the point. I have seen blogs that were consistent on their blog releases, but they lacked substance, and made up for it with overly flashy style and timely releases, which almost seemed to be timed releases.

I also wish to make my blog a much more personal space than that. I want to be able to interact with readers and subscribers, I want to answer questions and debate various issues. I want to have question and answers blogs with readers; (I do promise to keep your name anonymous if you wish, simply message me at cd.cadenlane@gmail.com if you’ve any questions.)

I love giving advice, whether it is makeup, outfit or shoe selection, relationships, whatever is on your mind. If you’ve a topic you would like to see my angle on, by all means, make a suggestion. I’m also curious what my take can be on various takes, and if I do not know enough about a subject, it gives me a heck of an excuse to learn about it.

I suppose another way to say it is; this blog is just as much about you the reader as it is about me. No person lives in a vacuum, nor should we. In science they say that an event is changed simply for the fact it was observed. That statement is true in me as well. By posting here, I’ve changed only for the positive, and started discovering who Caden Lane is and should be. This is through being observed through this lens, and discussing the things we discuss. I do not wish to take that for granted, and I wish to keep that interaction going in both directions. Thank you all for reading and participating, and please, feel free to let me know what you the reader need or would like to see.

Ever & Always,
Caden Lane


One thought on “I’m a bad blog owner!

  1. I think you have nothing to apologize for at all. Yes it is nice to have goals to keep us on track but sometimes those goals need adjusting to fit in with the other parts of our life. There is nothing wrong with saying, “I set that goal to high, so I am going to adjust it that will work better”. After all our life changes from when we originally made the goal and our goals should reflect that not be rigid.

    I am like you. I am discovering that its awesome to share our views with each other. To ask each other questions to expand our perspective and view of the world. Not to be critical but try to understand other people’s point of view so we can see something that we didn’t consider or think possible. That is a lot better than what I used to do being confine to myself and being static.

    I will probably ask you questions, because I am interested in your take of it. I thought maybe I should read your blog first, being a new reader of your blog, in case you covered it somewhere else. But maybe I should go ahead and ask anyway. If anything you can point me where in your blog you might have covered that before.

    Anyway have the goals but don’t let them get in the way of writing or putting yourself down for not meeting them. Write everyday if you have the time or once every few days if your busy with the rest of your life. Its not like I am going to unfollow you because you didn’t meet your goal or its been a while since your last post. You have lots of wisdom in what you say and I enjoy reading what you write for what it brings to me. That is what is important not meeting some schedule.

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