Hi…Caden? Uhhh…isCaden there…?

So today, I was on my way home after running errands all day in preparation of clearing my schedule for my outing with Rachel. I was at a particular busy and ugly interchange as my phone rang with a number I did not recognize. I answered, and the female voice on the other line asked if I was Caden. I went to astonished mode. I started doing a rundown of all the people who A) know my number and B) Knows Caden. Of course, it was a very short list, and the voice matched none of them. I was instantly wary. Until they said,

“This is Mary with Ulta, I’m calling to confirm Caden’s appointment tomorrow. Can you let Caden know we called?” Mary had sounded a bit flustered at having encountered a male voice. She wasn’t the only one who was flustered; I was coming down from a moment of shear surprise.

I really wish I had handled that better, but it really caught me off-guard. I also had my youngest child with me, so I couldn’t very well switch over to my Caden voice.


6 thoughts on “Hi…Caden? Uhhh…isCaden there…?

  1. It is something I can relate with. Had a few times when I was called Michelle when I wasn’t expecting it. Usually in times like you describe. I feel that shot of the adrenaline, and my defenses come up and its hard to handle it good. All your hearing is a voice and have nothing else to go on. Have I have been outed , why is this person calling me that way. All these things throw me off and I am not sure how to react because I have nothing to tell me how I should act.

    But I have learned one trick that helps ease it. When someone calls the house asking for Michelle and I am not expecting it, I say “No she is not, can I take a message?” Act like Michelle is not there and see where the conversation goes to tell how I should act. Sometimes its someone who knows me as Michelle and just caught me off guard then I can “switch”. Other times it is like you encounter someone reminding me of an appointment that I booked as Michelle. Then other times its some bloody telemarketer calling me because I subscribe to something as Michelle. But at least it gets me that initial moment of being scared.

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  2. A few months ago I booked a restaurant table online using my female name. I even programmed their number into my phone so I could see it was them if they called and could use the appropriate voice. Then they phoned while I was at the gym and my phone was in the locker so they got my voicemail saying “Hi, this is Bob, leave a message”. Aaargh!

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