A Night out and Dreams

Well, I was able to take an evening out with Rachel and Miss Girlfriend last evening. We went to the beach for dinner at a little local place called Fanny’s. Dinner was lovely, the drinks were great, and the company was better. I got a compliment on my top and later on my dress from some random women. Not entirely sure if I was blending the way I’d like. But no drama overall.  I discovered this morning I had a leak in my right prosthetic that I must repair.

Once in bed for the evening, I began my dreams for the evening. In the first one, I was Making Love to Miss Girlfriend as Caden. This flies in the face in her desires. She prefers to keep Caden out of the bedroom. But I found last night I was intensely desirous of her; wishing I could run my fingernails across her body, leave my lipstick on her skin. This may in fact explain the dream I had of her.

However the second dream was about me living as Caden. Which seems to be a theme of late; and it seems to keep me preoccupied. I suppose it is now something I must discuss with my Psychologist.

Ever & Always,

Caden Lane


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