Conversations about Transgender rights…

It seems no matter where we go these days, we hear conversations about gender, transgender rights, and all things in-between. Most of the conversations I’ve heard have been in hushed voices, cracking less than favorable jokes, or making snide remarks. It is  pity that people that feel that way cannot be brash and open about their opinions, so that everyone will know what sort of hypocrites or bigots they are. Those who are vocal about their opinions are usually too ignorant to realize they are being hateful or bigoted.

I recently tried to have a dialog with a blogger here on WordPress who’s opinions about transgender folk were rather…asinine. To sum it all up, his feelings were,

“Gender dysphoria is just an excuse. The real problem is self hate.”

This person, who blathers on and on about black rights, apparently feels compelled to blather on and on about transgender rights in the negative, despite knowing nothing about us; and then they post drivel such a that as though they have an educated basis to say such tripe. I recently saw a twitter post which I felt was appropriate to those like that blogger;

2015-07-03 17.10.34

If you want to have a conversation about things, try educating yourself on the topic firstly, and rather than post uneducated drivel, come from an actual position of conversation, not hate speech.


4 thoughts on “Conversations about Transgender rights…

  1. It may be jumping to the wrong conclusion to judge a person as being asinine based on that person’s comments. I assume that having been “on the job” that you were part and parcel of “off the record police chats” that if heard by an outsider or someone who was overly sensitive could be used to wrongly assume things about the cops engaged in that conversation.
    As “”T” people we sometimes have to cover our tracks and go the extra mile to make sure that civilians can never assume that we may have a softer side.
    My preference is to judge people on their acts more than on their words.


    • The interactions were between another blogger and I. Their comments range from we “choose to be transsexual,” that gender dysphoria is an excuse, that science is essentially a fraud, but then they turn around and suggest we need help. I presume from the same fraudsters, i.e. Medical professionals they previously slurred.

      They also went on to suggest that their crossdresser and gay friends felt the same way as them about being trans being a choice. They railed against the “lie” that a transwoman was a woman at all, and they even assumed that a transwoman was automatically interested in men. Yeah, I feel pretty spot on with my assessment.

      They are a bigot, plain and simple, and subscribe to asinine theories, statements and ideas.

      Ever & Always,
      Caden Lane


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