Coming at it from a happy Place

Like so many other blog topics of late, this blog article comes from a conversation I had with Miss Jennifer. She does not realize it, but the intellectual stimulation I get from our conversations is so very important to me.

So we were talking about my transition and I realized as we talked that because of Miss Jennifer, I am able to come at my transition from a happy place. Or rather, my mindset is more positive. Whether she was in my life or not, I was eventually going to transition, of this there is no doubt now. I was on my way to the conclusion regardless. What would be different would be my approach, my mindset, and my overall emotional state.

Were I to transition on my own, I would admittedly be far more depressed and solitary. I would be hoping to find someone that would fall for me s Cadence, and I would be solely focused on my transition.

As it is, with Miss Jennifer in my life, I am able to approach all of this with a very positive mindset. I can be happy with each little effort, and truly enjoy it by sharing the experience with someone who cherishes these small joys with me and for me. She is just as thrilled with each little triumph.  My triumphs and victories are shared triumphs and victories. Id much rather approach my transition from a happy and positive place, than do it alone. And I try to let Miss Jennifer know how much I appreciate her presence and Love in my life. And she does an amazing job letting me know ho much she treasures and Loves me in return.

Ever & Always,



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