It’s the giddy little Things…

Okay, so today before I laid down to sleep, I messaged my Doctor using my online medical app which allows me to email my doctors. I was inquiring about her efforts to get my endocrinologist referal. Apparently, she has had issues locating a local endo who is able or willing to manage my care. So she asked me how far away I was willing to travel. I gave her a rough idea of how far I would go, but also asked her how often I’d b expected to go, or if she would be able to mnage my care once they established a profile for me. So far, no answer to my second e-mail, but I did message her well after closing hours. So I’m not expecting to find out anything until close of business tomorrow.

On a great note, when i wrote my initial e-mail i put my name of record, but beneath my name I put (Cadence). Her response to me addressed me as Cadence only. I’ve been referred to as Cadence many times, but I must say, this particular time warmed my heart, and made me feel giddy and happy. I made sure to thank her for that little effort, and let her know how happy it made me. She certainly appears to get it, and that pleases me above all else.

Ever & Always,

Cadence Elizabeth


One thought on “It’s the giddy little Things…

  1. These types of things are important. Even now as I finish up going through the legal name change process, I get a little giddy each time a piece of mail or a card comes with my name on it. Even signing my name on after paying a bill or writing a note makes me smile. I totally get it.


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