The future…is now; Maybe…

Well all, I received the email i was waiting on. My General Practitioner emailed me to tell me she was forwarding my demographic sheet to a local Doctor. I have some misgivings though. She is not a endocrinologist, she is a Functional Medicine specialist, who works in bioidentical hormone replacement. One would hope all medicine would be functional.

So I find myself wondering if it will be a good fit. Its my hope that this is not a dead end, because it will certainly lower my faith in my Doctors level of discernment and her understanding of what I need. So here is to hoping it works out!

Ever & Always,





9 thoughts on “The future…is now; Maybe…

  1. Working with the system can be a challenge, but just keep on swimming. 😉 And if for some reason this particular referral doesn’t work out (although, we all hope it does!), do not be afraid to go back to your doctor to find another referral. You deserve the best care possible. Always remember that. And of course, don’t forget to keep us updated, girl!


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