Well Ladies… I’m new and Improved!

You heard it here first; yesterday I picked up my Spironolactone and Estrogen! As of today, I’m on them. It’s difficult to say whether this sense of serenity I feel is due a placebo effect of the hormones and blocker. But today I e been at peace, even when I shouldn’t have been. I feel balanced. And it’s an awesome feeling. 

My goal is to try and journal and keep track of things. So….

Hormone Journal

Day One

I have a sense of serenity and peace. 
Ever & Always,

Cadence Elizabeth


7 thoughts on “Well Ladies… I’m new and Improved!

    • Agreed on the seatbelt. I just wonder when I will start to feel the emotional stuff and when I will start to see physical changes. I know it’s different for everyone… But I feel like I’m wishing my life away!

      Cadence Elizabeth


  1. The same thing happened when I started on my hormones just over three monthsago. My downs arent as traumatic to me now either even after three months. Still things are changing and its all been a wonderful journey now


    • I can imagine. Even on day two I find myself feeling some very positive feelings towards my Girlfriend. I told her yesterday in fact that while I had felt like I had always had emotions more akin to what a woman feels, that I now felt like I Love Her More than I did just days before, and what I feel is far more intense than I have ever felt before. So much that I was thankful I began hormones after I met her, because after feeling like this I know the heartbreaks I’ve endured before now would feel incredibly deep, and if this is the depth of my Love for Her, then I’m thankful she is the only one to benefit from it. And that’s just day two.

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  2. I am so happy to hear this update, Cadence! Yes, hormones take time to kick in, and there are many variables, but ultimately, this is the beginning of a good thing that you know is right for you. I, for one, couldn’t wait for the my emotional walls to break down. I actually missed crying. Now, I cry a lot, and in many ways, I find it to be a good thing, even if it happens at inconvenient times. I have so enjoyed following you, and I will continue to do so. And if you ever have any questions, feel free to drop me a line.

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