Hormones days Two and Three

Well, days two am three  had things pop up. Well Day Two was pretty significant, day three was kind of minor.

On day two I found myself feeling some very positive feelings towards my Girlfriend. I told her in fact that while I had felt like I had always had emotions more akin to what a woman feels, that I now felt like I Love Her More than I did just days before, and what I feel is far more intense than I have ever felt before. So much so that I am thankful I began hormones after I met her, because after feeling like this, I know the heartbreaks I’ve endured before now would feel incredibly deep, maybe crippling, even if the Love or affection I felt at the time didnt meet up to the standard of what I feel for Tracynow. If this is the depth of my Love for Her, then I’m thankful she is the only one to benefit from it. And that’s just day two.


Day three

Well, This wasnt so much a big issue. It just revealed to me what my emotions can do to me on a biger scale. It certainly was revealing. My girlfriend and I were talking about an issue which crops up for me from time to time at home; it certainly isnt a major issue, in fact pretty minor in the grand scheme of things. But I became more and more emotional about the issue until I was almost irrational in my level of upset, over a minor issue. Thankfully I did not make an ass of myself; it served as a teaching/learning moment. O am defiantely more aware of what my emotions can do to me, and hopefully that will allow me to be cognizant of the possibility of the future, and reign it in should it happen again. Although often it doesnt seem women make it a point to reign in their “irrational” emotional outbursts. Although theyve never had the opportunity to see thigns from the other persepctive. Maybe my blended perspective will help me maintain a better lvel of control…Uh huh…


Ever & Always,

Cadence Elizabeth


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