Who I am

Well, thats easy… or is it? The easy stuff;

I’m a 40 year old crossdresser from Coastal Georgia. I’ve crossdressed since I was two years old. Well, at least thats when I first did it. I did not cognitively do it again until I was about six or seven.  The rest of my childhood was a hodgepodge of purges and periods of time where I actively dressed.

I’ve had my struggles with crossdressing during my marriages, but I survived. All of my lessons learned of dressing are hard earned and fought for. My successes have never been easy. I believe strongly and passionately about my crossdressing, and I seek to help anyone understand it and accept it as a whole, no matter who they are, or their connection to those who crossdress.

Ever & Always,
Caden Lane


6 thoughts on “Who I am

  1. Welcome to the blogoshpere. I think that what I have seen so far shows that you have a lot to add to the general discussion of CD and TG issues.
    As an old time happily married hetero but closeted CD I look forward to your ongoing postings.


  2. I saw you stopped by to check out my blog, so I just wanted to say hello.
    Looks like we have some things in common…
    I also caught you on Flickr too…though I don’t get on CD.com as much as I would like, next time I’m there, I will say hello!
    …that care, hugs, Candy

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  3. Hello again Candy, I look forward to reading more of your blog when time permits. Tonight was a writing night, so did not get much time to interact. But will certainly enjoy reading your blog some tomm. Have a great evening hon!

    Ever & Always,
    a burning the candle at both ends Caden Lane


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