The What If Lament

The What If Lament

Caden Lane
June 22nd 2008

What if I fail, what if I fall?

What if they laugh, what if they snicker?

What if I blush, what if I stutter?

What if I mumble, what if I falter?

What if they know, what if they say?

What if it breaks, what if I blunder?

What if they point, what if they criticize?

What if they whisper, what if I hear them?

What if they judge, what if they victimize?

What if they persecute, what if they oppress?

What if I worry too much, what if I do not give it enough thought?

What if I forget, what if they remember?

What if it’s too hard, what if I’m too dumb?

What if I’m too fat, what if it doesn’t fit?

What if I die tomorrow, what if I die today?

What if I’m wrong, what if they are right?

What if I lose, what if I look bad?

What if I just stopped saying what if…


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