Pass me the Trans Bug-out Bag!

I’ve carried a similar each and everytime I go out dressed. I often worry about an emergency call from the kids or other family members, a vehicle breakdown or other things which might call for a quick change. I might also add something that would neutralize perfume. Although that might be easy to explain away with tact; unless you are in a DADT. Anyhow, a brilliant article!



One thought on “Pass me the Trans Bug-out Bag!

  1. If I am going out and my wife knows about it I will take guy clothes. On those rare occasions when this occurred she would prefer that I leave the house wearing pands even if I had on makeup and a dress under my clothes.
    There was also a time when I would go out by myself and take a bag but more often then not I do not take the bail out kit. It is an added edge to being out and about while dressed.

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