[Sarcasm] Just so you know…there is a gay Disney agenda

I was doing some research on crossdressing/ transgender trips on Disney Cruise Lines. I already had my answer from Miss Girlfriend, but I wanted to see what experiences other CD’s or TG’s had encountered on DCL before. While searching, I found a blog that turned my stomach. Now please keep in mind, I do not like to attach politics of any kind to Caden. But to me, this falls under the mantle of activism. For full disclosure, I’m a devout Libertarian, because I believe in personal freedom and being me, without anybody trying to regulate or legislate it out of me. I see the presently existing two-party system as a false paradigm furthered to make people think they have a choice, that they believe in something, when all it is, is merely bread and circuses designed to create in-fighting amongst the respective members so no end roads can be made as far as free thinking, or more acceptable answers. This is about as political as I’m going to get friends, and I will not entertain any political debate here; as I said, this is Caden’s space, and I detach politics from that. This paragraph merely represents me providing full disclosure of my beliefs, so if there is a slant to my writing, it is obvious, and you may understand why.

So on to the offending blog; I hate to mention the name of the blog, but it will eventually be a necessary evil. After reading their articles, while I hesitate to call them that, it became obvious they are evil, hate filled individuals, with their own agenda and an axe to grind. The first article of theirs I encountered was entitled;

DISNEY CRUISE LINES GAY AGENDA: (GAYCRUISE) Trying to turn young American boys into young American Girls “Even children know something is Wrong!”

Yes, quite a title. Now you might feel that same churning of the stomach I felt. Please use discretion in going to their blog, as it may very well be a click farm, and they may simply write inflammatory articles to generate clicks in order to garner ad revenue. It sickens me that people would do such a thing, and it sickens me more I may fall prey to such, but without proof otherwise, who is to say? But if they do not merely write this tripe for clicks, then I shudder to think that there are Americans that think like these fellows. Please do not get me wrong, I am not naive’. I know there are vast swaths of Americans that have such narrow views. There is simply no way to ignore that prospect. It was obvious before I ever made my presence on the internet evident. It was the primary reason I felt guilt and shame for just being who I was; because narrow minded fools felt morally obliged to shove their narrow views down my throat under the guise of education, religion, parenting, morality and ethics. I suppose what is angering me is not the fact it exists, but that it still exists, and people like these two blog owners feel obligated to further their hate filled rants. What is worse; they still have an audience. They make very simple assertions, make baseless statements and claims, and appear for all intents in my opinion, delusional.

Firstly, they have the audacity to title their blog TrueDemocracyParty.net . I mean seriously, they attack large swaths of America, and claim they represent a true democratic mindset, or an accurate representation of the voting block?!? Oh, they must have conveniently forgotten that the very type of government they espouse is a government of, for and by The People, not the right people, or the left people. They also forgot we are a Constitutional republic, one which is still designed to represent the people. ALL of the people. But they end up coming off as some sort of twisted elitists who want to be able to pick and choose who is accepted and validated in their version of what society should look like. I suppose blond haired and blue eyed may be on their agenda too. They do mention the Jewish Gay Agenda. So I imagine they subscribe to all manner of conspiracy theory. Of course they do; later in the article, they mention the illuminati of all things.

I apologize; my emotion is getting the better of me. So anyhow, back to these bloggers. They then equate, in a rather sloppy and ham-fisted manner that because Disney doesn’t have a plethora of positive male characters on the cruise, that DCL is promoting a gay agenda. They also go on to suggest that Disney is trying to turn little boys into little girls. As if Disney had both the ability and the inclination, and that the two things are not mutually exclusive. Of course, they are so wrapped up in their hate; they refuse to see beyond the gender binary, and of course, they fall for that age old trap of, “well if you want to wear women’s clothes, you MUST be gay!”

So if we follow their logic, if an organization lacks specific male characters, then it must be gay?! So Mattel’s Barbie line is gay? I mean, they occasionally market a Ken doll, and certainly not to the level of Barbie and cohorts. The Bratz line is all female, so they must have a gay agenda too! What I want to know is, how exactly is Disney going to turn little boys into little girls? I saw them ranting and raving about it, and they had plenty of people they wished to blame, but like I suggested earlier, all baseless. If Disney has a gay agenda, I’d rather embrace their agenda, than the hate-filled one they are spewing.

I do apologize that this is not my usual positive approach to my blog. Despite the age of that supposed article, I saw it, and it drew my ire. I had to vent that ire lest it sit there and grow worse. But hate agenda’s like theirs have no place in civilized society; it is just too bad they do not see their hate for what it is. They just hide behind their cowardice and agenda, and act as though that is all the justification they need.

Ever & Always,

A Caden Lane who doubts the validity of the human race tonight


6 thoughts on “[Sarcasm] Just so you know…there is a gay Disney agenda

  1. I read the article on the website you mentioned. All it was a little boy writing to Disney about what he thought could improve the cruise. In this case more male characters on the cruise. The author took this, some facts without any substance to support their views. I mean anyone who mentions Illuminati to support their position is basically someone who sits at home and doesn’t know much about how the world works except what they fabricate in their mind.

    I understand your outrage and feelings on the matters. I am happy that you blog it and posted your comments on it. The person that wrote this post should be exposed for what they are really trying to sell, which is hate. But at the same time it is the price of freedom to be who are.

    After all we want to be who are and be able to express ourselves freely then the same could be said for other people. Even when we don’t agree or seems repulsive to us. The person had his say and you had your say about what he said. When it comes down to it, freedom isn’t about being free but being tolerant of other people to do the same.

    Anyway I hope you and Miss Girlfriend have a lovely cruise. Looking forward to hearing your view on it 🙂

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    • Yes, it is a shame that a simple letter from a little boy can be used as a springboard by such hate-mangers. They really have no redeeming qualities if they can take the innocence of youth and twist it to their agenda. The innocence of the letter which sparked their tirade was not lost on me.

      I chose rather to focus on their maligned efforts, their willful ignorance of facts, their subjugation of trivial matters twisted into their agenda.

      I do believe that people should be allowed to be themselves; even if that means their character flaws are bared to the world for all to see.

      I subscribe to a tenet of free speech which summed up says; you can say what you like, but do not believe that freedom allows you to abdicate your responsibility for what you say. In other words, there may be consequences for saying, thinking or feeling certain things, and you cannot hide behind a shield of freedom to get away with it. A person can go into an ethnic neighborhood and yell racial epithets, there more than likely will be consequences, and they would have earned them. It is just a shame there is not a grander scale of shame heaped on those narrow minded individuals who think like the writer of that blog.

      Ever & Always,
      Caden Lane

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      • I agree with you Caden. If you want freedom then you have to pay the price of any consequences. In this case a lot of shame indeed should have been the consequence for writing such an inflammatory post that was more opinion than fact.

        What also bothers me is how willing some people are to believe this hype without scrutinizing how the author reached his conclusions They just read and believe it. If people paid more attention, question what the author was saying and made their own decision then it wouldn’t really matter. Just be some crackpot on a obscure website ranting on with no one paying attention to them.

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      • Well, in that instance, I think crackpots that think the same way as those two crackpots go to that blog. Most people that subscribe to that sort of thinking have confirmation bias; they will only look at sources that post information they believe or that follows their particular brand of dogma. There are not many free thinkers in politics… Or apparently in hate.


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      • I agree with that. Birds of a feather flock together. People only read what they agree with and that closes the mind off to other things that may expand their view of the world.

        One upside sometimes of posts like that, is that you can sometimes see who the birds are in the flock. Which can come in handy in the future.


  2. OMG! When I was young I visited Disneyworld. It all makes sense now!! (More sarcasm ;-))
    These people who spew hate at this level are lost causes, there is no reasoning with them. Sad really.


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