I recently read a journal entry on a sister bloggers journal, here. it revolved around the Caitlyn Jenner show. I may be a bad transwoman; I am not a huge fan of Caitlyn Jenner. I refuse to watch the show because of its association with the Kardashians. I find that show and its diminishing of pop culture to be repugnant. But when I heard there was going to be a show about Caitlyn, I had some hope. But then she started her whirlwind media tour. 

Suddenly, her coming out was a circus. Everyone was talking about it, good and bad. Trans issues were on everyone’s tongues; but because of the nature of her coming out; the denials, the lies, the public manner, her association with the media whore Kardashians; there was a lot of negative attention towards trans-people going with what little good came of it. 

Then they started proclaiming her  a hero, suggesting she was brave. Do not get me wrong; EVERY trans person is brave. They all have their own burdens and ordeals. They all have their own personal hell they have been through. Caitlyn is no different. 

However in her case, the media made her transition easier for her; as did her wealth. 

We could all be braver if we had style experts picking out outfits, or makeup artists putting on our faces, stylists doing our hair or wigs. We could all be brave if money was no object for surgery or treatment. We could all be brave if we had publicists buying us awards and media attention. 

I’ve known other transwoman who were far braver with less, while doing far more. And doing far more for the cause. But I despise feeling this way; it feels petty. It tries to sum it all up in a “who’s more trans than they…” sort of dialogue. In reality, it is not about that at all. 

It is about the appearance of the media heralding Caitlyn as more than she is; which is that somehow she is more this or that than the rest of us. 

It is great there is such a modern day figure/ spokesperson for trans-people. But so far she hasn’t used her notoriety as a proper spring board to bring attention to our plights. Thus far, it’s all about the Caitlyn “show,” and I don’t mean her tv show. It’s just about her, not the bigger picture. THAT I take issue with. 

Ever & Always,

Cadence Lane


5 thoughts on “Bravery…

  1. So I agree that perhaps there is more attention here than strictly necessary. Also, she could do more for trans* people. But then we all could do more couldn’t we? Not sure she has any more duty to anything altruistic than any of us. But I think that coming out is harder the more famous you are. Sure having money means you can afford to pay for help, but fame and fortune means you have a lot to lose as well. It is harder to do this under the radar. More people will ask you questions. The stakes are higher. The potential embarrassment factor is far greater. The potential damage to family is greater. I also fear the inevitable backlash but at least she has brought attention to the matter and that is no bad thing. I also do not watch the show simply because tv does not interest me and reality tv interests me even less if that is possible… PS good to see you back! Hope you are ok.

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    • I’m well Danielle, just trying to sort out my various gender issues… But who isn’t?!

      I don’t think anyone has any responsibility to be altruistic anymore than anyone else; I just think that given her position in the public eye, it would be nice if she would, pardon the pun, take that torch and run with it.

      I’m sure there was a risk to her coming out; I’ve heard the verbal backlash from all manner of people in my day to day life, people who surprised me with very myopic views on her transition. But I am also certain she had plenty of people advising her on the best way to accomplish her goal in the public eye and how best to preserve her reputation and lifestyle.

      It does lift my spirits though that there are shows on the matter such as I am Jazz and Transparent that feel more real and somehow socially valid.

      Ever & Always,
      Cadence Lane

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  2. I think you hit the nail on the head. There is still lots of issues coming out. But like you said there is much about this whole thing that doesn’t jive. It’s seemingly more about “Cait” than the trans society as a whole. I am not sure she has dealt fully with the issues we lower class, (forgive the usage of money status here), folks in the world have to deal with. Maybe she has, I can’t say one hundred percent. But it does seem from my side of the fence that many things have been easier for her than many of us. At least at this stage of the coming out. Clothing, hair, make up, opening up to parents and siblings and the children. I can’t afford the clothing, I still have issues on the make up. But I don’t have a personal assistant to abuse either. Maybe I am just rambling. Maybe I am jealous.


  3. I don’t have anything against Caitlyn Jenner nor do I expect anything from her. What I do have a problem with is people making her out to be a hero, that she was best thing for the transgender movement. The only thing different between me and her is that she is in the public eye and I am not. Doesn’t elevate her accomplishment nor downplay mine or anyone else accomplishments in being who they are, dealing with prejudice and the expectations of other people etc… That is one thing we all should be aware of is that there is plenty of bravery, courage, and people working on transgender issues all around us if we where willing to look and acknowledge them instead of relying on the media to give us a figurehead

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