Miss Girlfriend no More…

Anyone following the drama which seems to be my life of late is aware of the turmoil between Miss Girlfriend and I. Today she gave me an ultimatum may be unfair and inaccurate. She simply wanted to know if I ever saw myself wanting to live as Cadence full time. 
I waffled on telling her my true answer as long as I could when she recently pondered the question during a tumultuous point of discussions. Last night, I finally relented and told her my true feelings about living as Cadence. Of course that meant my relationship with Miss Girlfriend ceased to be. 
We agreed early in that if things were to change between she and I, that we would actively pursue a friendship between each other; neither of us can fathom a life without the other in it. She is merely incapable of seeing herself in a romantic relationship with me as Caden. 
So as of last night, I am now alone. The list of things or people tethering me to my male aspect are at an all time low. The prices I’ve paid are high, the loss I’ve already sustained is great. I just hope when I reach an end result that I find it was all worth it. 
Ever & Always,

Cadence Lane


14 thoughts on “Miss Girlfriend no More…

  1. Cadence im so sorry for you. I have followed and saw it coming gf. Sad. Im a cd for 35 yrs andmy wife tolerates what i do with predujice. She has told me many times she married my male side not me as Charlene! I get that. Socially and at work i have suffered greatly too.
    If you ever want to talk or compare notes I certainly would welcome that. Again i know firsthand the pain dear. Hugs to u. :).

    charlene m.

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    • Thank you Charlene. I too saw it coming, but I often told myself it was merely old paranoia poisoning the well; that the former miss girlfriend was different than the other women who had hurt me in the past and rejected my feminine aspect. It turns out she was only moderately different; but not enough to matter in the long term.

      Ever & Always,
      Cadence Lane


  2. So sorry to hear the news of your breakup. For sure this will be a difficult time for you, but here’s hoping you will find a new partner who will be supportive of you. Here’s hoping Miss (Ex-)Girlfriend can still offer you support through friendship. Stay strong and stay you.

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  3. I always find it so sad when a loving relationship comes to a close. Reading your last blog between the lines this looked like it was on the cards. I am just so sorry to read that you have both parted. There will be someone out there for you, you just have not met them yet and I hope you do soon. As Daniella says, we may be thousands of miles apart but I too am here should you need me. You take care and I hope you are not hurting too much.

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  4. Cadence,

     I am so incredibly sorry to hear about the end of your relationship.  I feel for pain, for I have had a very similar issues and discussions with my wife as I questioned my gender and then proceeded down the transition path.  Your descriptions in you previous post regarding grieving and death are quite accurate.  I have written about such feelings in my blog.  We have been married 7 years--together for 10 years--and we are destined for divorce.  A lot of the things Miss Ex-Girlfriend has said to you, I have heard, too.  This is familiar territory to me.
     I truly hope you and Miss Ex-Girlfriend can find the path to continued friendship.  Let me know how it goes.  And if you ever need a shoulder to cry on or want to trade stories about how our partners have dealt with different situations, I'm here for you.

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  5. It’s always a shame when a relationship ends, but if it was meant to be then you guys would still be together. Now I don’t know you and Miss Girlfriend but I have been through bitter divorces and once the dust settles I’ve even managed to become friends with my ex-wives. Anyway, I just want to say good luck to you and I hope you can meet someone who not only loves you as Cadence but loves you for what makes you unique.


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