Upcoming Doctor Appointment…

Good early morning everyone! I’m up early and I’m sitting around ponderingcvarious things. You see, I have a doctors appointment with my General practitioner on Thursday of this week. I intend to let her know I am seeking hormones for the purpose of transition. I’m pondering the questions of;

  • Should I go en femme? She has never encountered me that way before, and I hate to simply surprise and the front office staff. But I also hate to show up en drab and say, I want hormone even though I’m presenting as male.
  • I’m also wondering if I should obtain a letter of some sort from my Psychologist so she will know I’ve already been under treatment for my gender dysphoria. I know the DSM V no longer requires life experience, but does lean on past psychological treatment.

I would hate for there to be a delay in getting the hormones simply for waiting on a letter from my Psychologist. I would also hate to present wrong and give her doubts as to my intentions or purpose.

In other areas

Miss Jennifer and I have been talking about various strategies for coming out to family and friends. So far we’ve both had some really good ideas. And Miss Jennifer has even had opportunity to reach out to her children to take some teachable moments, which will hopefully help them one day wrap their heads around what we will tell them.

The Blog

Some of you may have noticed a few small changes to the blog. While the blog URL still has crossdresser in it, the title page and other references to Crossdresser or crossdressing have been omitted. This was done to accurately portray what my blog is now about, and who I am. I felt it went towards one thing I’m ever cognizant of; leading and living an authentic life.





One thought on “Upcoming Doctor Appointment…

  1. Attend your appointment as you feel most comfortable because if you are relaxed you will get across to your GP all that you want to without hopefully missing any vital points. Just because you are requesting medication does not necessarily mean you need to arrived en femme, unless you are on what is termed ‘real life exoerience’ Good luck and I hope all goes well for you.

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