What’s in a Name?

This past weekend I pondered something out loud to Miss Girlfriend which I had been thinking about silently for months. I cannot seem to come up with an answer, which is why I voiced it to her, and now you. 

I’ve seriously been thinking of changing my name. Not my male name; my moniker of Caden Lane. When I first came up with the combination, (Lane is obviously not my  family name) I thought it sounded modern and feminine. I felt it was different enough that I would not become blended in and entangled with myriad of Brittney’s, Rachel’s and Tiffany’s that seem to flood our unique world. 

I cite as an example my earliest femme presence online, Tiffani Renee’. Yeah, I fell into the CD Tiffani pit. And after managing to claw my way out and carve out a unique ID for myself, I grew to dislike the Caden name. 

Because little did I realize, but there are a lot of parents who think Caden is a pretty strong name for a little boy. Before I knew it I was metaphorically surrounded by boys and teens named Caden. Or Cade. Or Kade. Or even Kaden. 

I mean come on! What did I have to do, plant a flag in the name, copyright it?!? And what made them think it was such a strong male name?!? The few times I recall seeing it, it had always been a female name. 

So here I am debating on changing it. In a few cases it may be difficult, given the nature of some online accounts, but in others it would be easier.  

I suppose the unasked should be asked as well; if I do change it, what should I change it to?

Any input will be greatly appreciated, even if it is advice to keep my name as is. Maybe all it takes is a little reassurance that it’s more femme than male is all it takes. None of our community has ever questioned is “female-ness,” so it’s more an internal thing. Anyhow, thanks for any and all input. 
Ever & Always,

Caden Lane?


9 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?

  1. Hum you can email me or send me a message on the crossdresser dot com sight. What’s your male name? Don’t answer here though.


    • Well, was sort of hoping to find something fun, femme, creative and never used in my family so it doesn’t have that “something borrowed” feel. Looking at my photo, what name comes to mind I guess?!


  2. Well Caden is both a male and female name and right now it does seem to be more of a male name right now. But what is a name anyway? For me its something to address you by other than “Hey you”. In that context, changing your name doesn’t make a difference. You are still going to be you and female regardless. But at the same time I can understand wanting to change it. I guess I am not being much help here.

    But in the end, the name you have has to be one that works for you. It could be fun just throwing names around and see what sticks with you. If I was going to pick a name for you, the first thing that comes to mind would be Carolyn.

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    • I may bring up the whole name thing with my psychologist today. With my luck she will tell me it is a manifestation of gender dysphoria, that I’m trying to part ways with Caden since it’s not female enough or its associated with a part of my past or something. TFIMOH!


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